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1. Supports External demodulators
2. Multi-Standard A/V Format Decoder
3. The MStarACE6UC Video Processor
4. Home Theater Sound Processor
5. Embedded Memory for optimized BOM cost
6. Multiple HDMI 2,0/1.4 b Compliant Ports with ARC Support
7. One MHL 3.0/2.1 Compliant Port

High Performance Micro-processor
High speed/performance 32-bit RISC CPU
One full duplex UART
Supports USB and ISP programming
DMA Engine

HEVC (H.265) decoder
Supports Main profile, level 4.0, high tier
Supports resolution up to 1920×1080@30fps
Supports bitrate up to 30Mbps, t/he upper limit
of level 4 and high-tier

Output Interface
Single/dual link 8-bit LVDS output
8 lane 8/10-bit V-by-One output (configurable
width: 2/4/8 lane)
Supports panel resolution up to Full-HD
(1920×1080) @ 60Hz(LVDS 2ch)
Supports panel resolution up to UHD 60Hz
(Vby1 8 lane)
Supports TH/TI format
Supports dithering options to 6/8-bit output
Spread spectrum output for EMI suppression
Supports 60Hz 3D passive panel (Line
alternative mode)
CVBS Video Outputs
Supports CVBS bypass output

Bootable SPI interface with serial flash support
Lower power standby mode
156-pin, S3EPLQFP package
Operating Voltages: 1.15V (core), 1.8V and
3.3V (I/O and analog)

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MSD8386BQM采用Android 8.0 系统,CPU采用 ARM A73*2+ A53*2架构 主频1.5G, 内存3GB ;  ROM:8GB, 可任意安装和下载应用APP。 ★支持V-BY...